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About Us



Welcome to the Zagreb Tourist Guides Association – Leading provider of professional tourist guides since 1973 

The Zagreb Tourist Guides Association is the prize-winner of the Zagreb City Medal 2015 for exceptional contribution in promoting culture, culture-historical facilities, tourism,  and for the enviable success and efficient functioning!

More than 120 guides, speaking diverse languages and having university degree in various fields, are available to you upon request to give you sightseeing insights about Zagreb and its surrounds, including milestone sites such as tours to Varaždin, Plitvice Lakes etc. Members also have tourleader licences and are available for itineraries in both Croatia and abroad. 

Services are available in Croatian and more than ten other European languages, but also  in Japanese or Chinese. 
Our mission is to provide clients with professional, skilled and knowledgeable guides who will exceed client expectations on every level. Our accredited guides are specialists of areas of interest, they are excellent communicators and are able to share their in-depth knowledge of Zagreb and Croatia with you in a fun and interesting way.

We provide services in the following languages: Croatian, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Czech, Albanian, Chinese, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovene and Spanish.

The total of 400 various entities cooperating with us include  business partners, travel agencies, educational institutions, press, sports societies, clubs and individuals.

To ensure quality and champion interests, the Association also seeks to protect the profession and its codes, including cooperation with other associations, organizations, local and Government administration.